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Moving house

22 May 2014

Moving house… literally!

Today I photographed something BIG! The moving of this gorgeous 100 year old house!

There has been a lot of controversy about the moving of this house and it’s neighbour. The buildings are a part of history, built back in the early 1900’s by the railways to house workers. They represent traditional Swedish wooden architecture of the time and even today are very well preserved.

The local council recently announced that these building would be destroyed to make way for a new road to accommodate a new sports arena and shopping mall, and needless to say people were outraged. Through a long process the people’s voice won and the houses were saved, although the decision to move them (instead of destroying them) is proceeding.

I am one who thinks it is a real shame that the homes will be moved. I am lucky enough to live nearby and the view from my very own balcony overlooked these beautiful buildings. I recently had an overseas guest stay with me who wanted to see the traditional red and white houses famed in Sweden and he was delighted to see these so close to the city. I believe culture and heritage should always be preserved, so shame on you Solna council.

Irrespective of my opinion, it was good to see the construction workers take good care of the building as they mounted it onto the truck earlier today (although none of them stood beside the raised house and did an Incredible Hulk impersonation which was a little disappointing). When I first saw this massive building move I’m sure my heart skipped a beat. I’ve seen ice-truckers on Discovery channel, but to see something so big and magnificent being moved with your own eyes is truly an incredible sight.

I followed its journey the entire day, from it being raised from its original foundation to the laying of it at it’s new (temporary) address. I even stayed up late to see it’s neighbour be moved (last photo) and have selected just a few photos from the day which I’ve posted below:

rodingar005 rodingar004 rodingar003 rodingar002 rodingar001





High-res images available on request.

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