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My Cartier-Bresson moment

10 May 2014

Today I captured a real Cartier-Bresson moment. Henri Cartier-Bresson was a famous French photographer who famed the ‘candid’ photo. He was renowned for taking photos at the decisive moment, a technique still used strongly today particularly in street photography. One of Cartier-Bressons most recognised photos is Derrière la Gare Saint-Lazare which Time magazine titled “photo of the century”. It pictures a man jumping over a puddle of water. The photo is taken at the precise moment before the man hits the water and makes a splash. His reflection is shown clearly beneath him which creates a sense of height between the figure and the ground.

Now, in no way whatsoever am I comparing myself to the brilliant Cartier-Bresson. All I am saying is that it’s pretty cool that today while I was out shooting my fave little model that I unintentionally captured a moment that could well be inspired by the great photographer of the 1930’s. Besides, my model is WAY cuter.


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