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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about our products and services via our database of frequently asked questions.


How does the booking and sessions work with Digital Daze Photography?


Contact us to request a shoot and we’ll get back to you to confirm your booking. To secure your date/time we request that the session fee (550 kr) is paid up-front as a deposit. The shoot will then happen at the time and place agreed. After the shoot your images will be uploaded to the client area of our site where you can buy as many or as few photos from the shoot as you wish via our secure online shopping cart. Once payment for the purchased images is received we will then professionally edit the photos and deliver the digital files via Dropbox and physical prints via Posten.

What is your cancellation policy?

We charge the 550 kr session fee up-front as a deposit to secure bookings. 100% of the deposit will be refunded if the booking is cancelled more than 7 days prior to the shoot. Cancellations made 7 days or less before the shoot will be refunded 50%.

I want to book a session longer than one hour. Can I book a double session?

Yes. Please let us know when booking if you require longer than our standard hour session. Only the first hour will be charged as a deposit, despite the length of your session.

I want to book a family session. Does it cost more depending on the number of people that will be photographed?

Within reason, we do not charge extra for additional family members. However, the more subjects there are to photograph, the more time it can take so for larger groups you may wish to consider a double session.

When should I make the booking for my newborn shoot?

Babies do not always arrive on schedule and therefore we are flexible with our newborn bookings. We ask that you contact us with your due date and we will pencil it in. You can then let us know once your bundle of joy has arrived and we can confirm a suitable time slot. Newborn photos are best taken within two weeks of the birth, but the sooner than better (as babies grow very fast!)

How do I pay the booking deposit

Once you receive confirmation of your booking time you will be given payment instructions for the deposit. Payment is accepted via PayPal or bank transfer.


I’ve never had a professional photoshoot before. What can I expect?

At Digital Daze Photography we believe professional photoshoots should be enjoyable and fun. Relaxed, happy clients result in the best photos. Whether we meet at a pre-arranged location or here in our studio, you will be made to feel welcome and comfortable. We’ll first discuss your expectations, what you hope to see in your photos and collaborate on any creative ideas. You’ll then be asked to sign a model release and then the fun really begins. Our standard sessions go for one hour and in that time we can shoot up to several hundred photos. You will be guided by the photographer on how to stand and what to do, and you’ll be shown several test shots throughout the session to ensure you are happy with the creative direction.

What should I wear?

To help you make the most of your shoot we’ve put together some styling tips which you can access here.

Can I bring my own props?

Yes! In fact, we encourage it! Using your own props will create more memorable images for you to cherish for years to come.

Can I book a stylist / make-up artist for my shoot?

Yes! Digital Daze Photography does not currently work with any preferred make-up or styling artists, but you are more than welcome to arrange your own.

Can I bring a friend with me to the shoot?

We do not recommend you bring friends with you to your shoot. From experience models feel far more comfortable in front of the camera without an extra set of eyes looking at them. In addition friends can be distracting (even unintentionally) and models tend to look past the photographer instead of into the lens which reduces the resulting number of usable photos at the end of the shoot. If you absolutely must bring someone with you, be sure it is someone who you feel very comfortable with.

Can I take my own photos during the shoot?

No. Not even with a mobile phone. The creativity of the shoot belongs to the photographer so no external photos are permitted.

Do I need to sign a model release form?

Yes. We require models, or legal guardians of persons under the age of 18, to sign a model release form before we begin shooting. More information about our contracts and model releases can be found in the General FAQ section on this page.

What if my kids don’t behave on the shoot?

Kids will be kids. Sometimes they will co-operate, and other times they won’t. Emotional photos are sometimes the best so we are happy to shoot even the moodiest of kids, but your child really does not want their photo taken on the day then we can rebook the shoot for another time.

Do I need to bring anything to my pawtraits session?

Yes. We recommend bringing (a lot) of your dogs favourite treats (strapping them to the end of the lens does wonders for eye contact with the camera!). Also bring along your dogs favourite toy/s as a playful dog is a happy dog. We have dog bowls with fresh water in our studio, but for out door shoots we ask you to bring your own water.

Can I be nude in my photos?

Absolutely. The human body is a beautiful thing in every shape and size. We do not shoot pornographic material, but tasteful nudity is more than welcome.


How do I login to the client area of the website?

You can access the client are of the website via the login box available on the right hand side of the client area page.


What is my username / password?

Your username and password will be emailed to you once your photos are ready for review.

I have forgotten my password.

You can reset your password by clicking the “forgotten password” available under the login box on the right hand side of the client area page.

How do I access my available galleries within the client area?

Once you have logged in a link will appear on the the client area page that says “View available galleries”. This will take you to a private client gallery page that lists any available galleries you may have. Simply click on the album link to view your photos.


How do I add photos to my shopping cart?

Once logged in, you can buy photos from your own personal gallery. You can quickly add photos to your shopping cart by hovering over the thumbnails and click “buy” or alternatively you can click the thumbnail itself to see more details about each photo and then select the buy button from the photo details page.

buy-001 buy-002-

Once you have clicked on “buy” you will be presented with some buying option in a pop-up which allows you to select digital files or prints, the size of your photo and the licensing type you which to purchase. (See our General FAQs for details on licensing and copyright)


What are the digital file sizes?

We sell digital photos in three sizes: small, medium and large. The pixel lengths for each size are the minimum length of the longest side of the photo (depending on if the photo is landscape or portrait). The minimum pixel length of the small photos are 600px, medium photos 2000px and the largest 3000px.

What are print size options?

Our standard print sizes include 15x32cm, 21x30cm, 30,5x42cm and 50x70cm and also square format in 23cm, 40cm and 50cm.

How much do the photos cost?

Please see our price structure for the up-to-date costs of our products and services.

Do you offer bulk-buy or any other discounts?

As our rates are already far below the industry standard, we do not offer any discounts at this stage.

How do I buy the items in my cart?

You can access your shopping cart from the client area menu on the right hand side of the gallery pages. You’ll always see a running total of the items and total cost in the same menu without the need to click through to your cart. Once you are happy with your selection click “Checkout Now” and you will be redirected to PayPal where you can make your secure payment.


Can I copy/download the photos directly from the site? 

No. Images in our client galleries are watermarked to protect our intellectual property. Purchased images will not contain the watermarks.

Can I make further purchases after placing my initial order?

Yes. However personal galleries are only available online for 60 days after the shoot. If you would like us to reinstate your gallery after the expiration date a fee of 100 kr will be charged.

What payment methods are available when purchasing my images?

We accept secure online payments via PayPal.

What if I don’t have PayPal?

PayPal is a trusted secure payment gateway for online payments. You can sign up for a free account here. Although we prefer PayPal, we also accept payment via bank transfer – please contact us for manual ordering details if you will pay via this method.

How long until my photos are ready after the shoot?

We lightly edit your photos before creating your personal online gallery so it can take a couple of days after the shoot before you gain access to our client area. After placing your order full editing can take up to 4-6 weeks, however we always endeavor to get your professionally edited photos to you as soon as possible.

How do I get my images after I have purchased them?

Digital images are delivered via Dropbox and physical prints via Posten.


What kind of photography do you do?

We specialise in portraits, pet photography, product shoots, children, babies/newborns and maternity shoots. However, our experience is very broad so please contact us with any specific requirements or ideas you have as we are happy to shoot a wide variety of subjects and styles.

Where is the Digital Daze studio located?

We are located in Solna, Sweden. About 10 minutes from Stockholms Central Station with car or train.

What are your opening times?

We are available for shoots 7 days a week at times most suitable to our clients, and therefore we do not have regular opening hours. We aim to respond to emails within 24 hours and are happy to arrange shoots during business hours, after hours and on weekends.

Do I need to sign a model release?

Yes. We require models, or legal guardians of persons under the age of 18, to sign a model release form before we begin shooting.

Why do I need to sign a model release form?

The model release form offers protection to the model/s by stating uses and limitations to the way a photograph can be used after the shoot. It also offers protection to the photographer and his work.

What if I disagree with the contents of the model, property or print release?

The model, property and print releases provide protection to the photographer and his work. If a client does not agree to the terms and conditions in our release forms then we not be able to proceed with the shoot.

Can I get a copy of the model release form prior to the shoot?

Sure. Just contact us and we can send you our model release form once your deposit has been received.