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Svensk-Koreanska föreningen

Swedish-Korean Association’s annual event.

Last weekend I had the real pleasure of being invited to the Swedish/Korean Association’s (Svensk-Koreanska föreningen) annual get-together.  The sun was shining, there was singing, dancing, great food and company.

At this year’s annual picnic the ambassador of Korea made a speech, which was then followed by some great entertainment, including a mix of traditional Korean song, dance, drums, martial arts, modern pop and Swedish folk song. It was really a fantastic display of multiculturalism at it’s best. For instance; there I was – an Australian, enjoying Korean culture – in the middle of Sweden. How awesome is that.

I photographed the stage events and below is just a small sample of the days activities, but one thing photos cant capture is taste – I’m still left dreaming about the Korean food. If you are not shy of a little chilli then I encourage you to try it – soooo delicious!